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Thread: Lake Louise water level

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    Question Lake Louise water level

    Hope to go to Lake Susitna on july 15th and was wondering about water level and channel condition. On the way in it would be nice to know if i could stay on step Thanks,

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    As of last monday it was still shallow. There has been decent rain, but the lake is large and may take a long time to recover. A lot depends on your boat, skills and the weather. Please use a VHF radio to announce your intentions. More info here:

    I do not believe that they are using the timing to help prevent accidents. Check for fliers at the lodges or on the signs at the launches.

    The lake was at -4 on Wednesday so it gained an inch. There have been some pretty henious storms causing big rollers. Be prepared to spend the night somewhere. Be sure to tie your boat so that it will not get swamped.

    Take a camera. Sunsets have been awesome!

    Fishing was slow. Should pick up soon.

    Hope this helps,

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    Any updates on the water level in the area? Did the rains help bring things up to more "normal" levels?

    Thanks for any info.

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    Water level is almost back to normal, due to our very generous rainfall this yr. I haven't checked the Channel, as I mostly just head to my Cabin, but at my Cabin on the north side of the lake, water has risen somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-8 inches since June. From what I saw at the channel in June, I'd say there is sufficient water to easily make it thru on step if running a jet-drive and you know the route ( stay to the right northbound ). If running a prop, you'll need to feather it up and go slow. They were walking prop-boats thru earlier this summer, but I think they can make it thru now if you take your time, and you know what you're doing. I don't know anyone that runs a prop thru there on step, even in good years.
    anyone else ever tried that?


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