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Thread: Briggs and Stratton 5 HP ?

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    Default Briggs and Stratton 5 HP ?

    I just picked up a Briggs and Stratton 5hp four stroke and tried it out. I bought it slightly used, it appears essentially new except for a little paint worn of the prop. It seems to have a lot of vibration from idle up through full throttle. Is this endemic to the motor or should I be getting it looked at. The prop is fine, it was the first thing I checked when I felt the vibration. Anyone had any experience with the Briggs? Is the vibration normal for the model?


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    Default Vibrates

    Sounds like their outboards feel just like their lawnmowers. Should last almost forever, if it doesn't rip the transom off first.
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    Default That's the first I have ever heard of a briggs out board

    Briggs engines typically are not ballanced well. Our Family started an air compressor shop 30 odd years ago, and some of the small portable compressors thst came to us for repair, were driven with briggs engines. They vibrated so badly the table they were bolted to literally broke right out from under it . You could count on tank replacment almost every time some one drug one of those into the shop.In doing every thing they could to make it a lite engine , it is hard to compensate for the inirtia of the firing, with out intigrating sincronizing ballancing shaft.(more weight)
    if you re going to keep the motor get a mounting shield for the transomn and keep close attention to the mounting clamps an or through bolt and use stainless with nyloc nuts . Having worked on boats a number of years I've seen a lot , but never a briggs out board

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    If it was stored with fuel in it you may need to run some fuel injection cleaner through it. It also may just be gummed up and need to be rode hard for a few minutes under load. Other things may be carb settings, partially sheared shaft key or partially fouled plug.


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    Here's a link to Briggs and Stratton's info on the outboard.

    Thanks guys for the info. I will run some injector cleaner through it and check the


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    Default Single Piston

    I have had a few different Honda 4 strokes and they are smooth running, well for my Cataraft I got a 5hp Honda single cylinder 4 stroke, it vibrates 80% more than twin cylinder.

    Reason is the 4 stroke part, that piston is traveling one complete turn of the crank without being forced.

    So yup it's normal

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    Hope you have better luck with yours I got mine new and its not worth crap I have had nothing but problems Sell it and get something different just my opion.


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