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Thread: Factory 375 ammo

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    Question Factory 375 ammo

    I'm comming to Alaska In September and am trying to decide which factory hunting ammo I'm going to use. Has anyone ever tried PMC brand loaded with 270gr. Barnes XLC bullets.

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    Default factory ammo

    What matters is how the factory stuff shoots IN YOUR RIFLE. I would only try ammo loaded with quality hunting bullets. In one of my 06's the PMC loads with the Barnes' XLC is the most accurate factory loading I could find. If you find something that is exceptionally accurate many would recommend you buy several boxes with the same lot #. Also many people believe that a rifle does not reach it's max accuracy until some magical # of rounds have gone down range - one recommendation suggests a 100 rounds. No matter what you decide accurate records are most important in correct decision making. Get lots of "experience" prior to your Sept hunt to include off hand practice. Good luck with your hunt.

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    If it shoots in your gun, go for it. I can't think of a better hunting bullet in the 375 than a 270 gr X. It's enough bullet to go through any AK animal at any angle, and flat shooting to boot.


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