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Thread: Amother Seward rock fish question or two...

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    Default Amother Seward rock fish question or two...

    Got a couple quick questions for Seward rock fishing from shore.

    I got some braid, but it is the yellow colored stuff- are rock fish scared by the color line or do they not care?

    Also, I have some hooligan for bait. Is that fine or should I buy some squid or octopus?

    Weather pending, I should have fun, fish or not this weekend.
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    Sounds like you're all set.

    Rockfish are not line shy so you'll be fine with the yellow braid.

    I usually jig for them (so haven't tried much in the way of bait), but I don't know why hooligan wouldn't work as well as anything else.

    Have a good time!
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    It is impossible to keep hooligan on a hook... Salt it several days ahead in rock salt to toughen it, but be ready to find it useless...

    No need anyway, as the fish will hit any artificial run by them.

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    Default Hooligan are not bait fish

    I am not the authority on this but was told by fish and game that they are not considered bait fish and therefore if used for bait, you would be ticketed no different than if you had halibut or salmon meat on the hook.

    I never did call the troopers on it to confirm but it kind of makes sense to me. Not that I agree to it, but would be worth a call to the troopers, ask for the name of the trooper you spoke to and just ask.

    As for your line color, I catch just as much on a rod that has yellow line, as I do white, or green so I don't think it matters much.

    As for bait, herring, squid, or octopus all work great. You can also go to the bait cleaning stations and look for some fresh salmon or halibut skin's but be careful on how much meat is on the skin...

    Good Luck.

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    Use the artificials! Small jigs - too big, they will not be able to eat it. And even big lings will hit small jigs, so if you're in an area where they're legal, shazam!

    Hooligan are legal for bait. No limit, not considered a sportfish. Can't comment on quality, have heard it works well for halibut, so should work for rockfish.

    I would prefer not to have to bait-check though, so I only use jigs.

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    The regs clearly state that any fish with no daily limit is ok for bait. I hope anyone getting ticketed for that has the sense to drag the officer to the courthouse so he can explain to the judge why he's wasting everyone's time.

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    Rockfish aren't picky by any means, they'll go after anything. I jig with a heavy salmon rod, anything shiny will attract them.
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    Sometimes when the bite is slow a chunk of bait on the hook of the grub seems to help. As far as the yellow line you could put it down on a 1/2" rope and it wouldn't matter. Rock fishing is fun though, you never know what you are going to catch. Three days ago we were fishing for rockfish and something hit the grub on the way up (45 feet off the bottom) and fought hard for a long time. We thought it was a ling but it turned out to be a 100+ pound halibut.
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