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    I saw something over the weekend at Seldovia fish cleaning station. A guy and his buddy come in to clean some fish. They had four, and none were bled at all. Guy #1 cuts into the first one and it is just pouring out blood. The fish and table looked like a M.A.S.H. unit. So much so, that my daughter commented on it. Guy #2 plops one up on the table and procedes to make the first cut. Same thing with the blood, but the fish makes a pretty big flop. This was a nice 35#-40# fish. They both laugh about how they didn't beat it enough. Guy #2 continues the cut and the fish flops again hard, this time forcing the knife up into his thumb on the other hand. He drops knife and pulls back, thumb is cut to the bone. Ugly. Guy #1 tells him to go find a clinic. It was so unnecessary. If your not bleeding your fish, thats bad enough, but don't cut a live fish. If you get lucky the first time it flops, like this guy did, make sure it's dead when you go to cut it again.

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    I remember a while back . . . Had a 70#er 1/2 way filleted out - e.g. all meat from one side gone. When I flipped it over to the other side the thing was STILL TRYING TO FLOP, albeit it was a 1/2 assed attempt.
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    bust a gill or four when you boat them and you wont have that to worry about

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    Thanks so much for sharing your story, Homertime.
    I also love fishing. I do it at the weekend with my friends. Our group have 5 members. This activity help to heal our friendship.
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