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Thread: Rabbit calls for wolves and bear

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    Default Rabbit calls for wolves and bear

    I will be in the Koyokuk River area on a moose hunt in September and was wondering if a rabbit call would be effective in calling in bear and wolves. Has anyone had any success with these types of calls, and if not has anything other than baiting been effective. Thank You.

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    Default call

    Use a fawn in distress call................

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    For wolves howling or using sometype of howler seems to work ok. I know a buddy of mine bought a Cd of howling wolves put out by some bunny huggers like PETA or something like that and it has worked for him a few times
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    Eclipse yes rabbit calls work for both bear and wolves. In my experience if the wolves dont come its because they have seen or smelled you. I have called in many wolves over the years while hunting in the fall. A rabbit call is always around my neck. Oh yea it works great for wolverine to if your interested.

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    I am new to this forum, but a very avid trapper and caller out of kodiak..i just currently moved here to the valley. but in my experience in kodiak bears will come to a rabbit in distress. called in very many bears while fox calling but my personal advice would be to use a fawn in distress. if your watching them you can watch them light up and they'll be headin your way.


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