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Thread: Thru hull transducer

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    Default Thru hull transducer

    I want to install a thru hull transducer in an aluminum boat. The hole in the boat bottom is 2 1/8" and the transducer I want to get is 2" in diameter. Is this going to fit ok? And what sealant should I use? And would I want to fully pack the space around the transducer as well as the lip of the transducer that meets the hull?

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    Default I would talk

    to the transducer manufacturer directly. This isn't a situation where I would want to take a gamble on a recommendation you heard from some guy on the internet. No offense intended to anyone here, there are just some things I prefer to leave to the experts, and properly plugging 2 inch holes in the bottom of my boat is one of them.

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    Default 5200 and Backing Plate

    The accepted method, you'll probably see this on your mounting instruction with Transducer is to build a backing plate, something somewhat flexible like 3/4" Marine Grade Plywood (epoxy coat it if you use wood), or Thick Plastic, (like rail guard material 1/2" thick or so) cut into a square (approx 4-5inches square for 2" dia hole) depending on the space you have in there. Cut with hole saw in the center the exact fit for your transducer to pass through it, so the Nut can get a good seat behind it, right?

    Backing plate goes on inside of hull sandwiching heavy bead of 3M 5200, also use good bead of 5200 on outside around base of transducer. It'll all seal up tight for good. 5200 is "The Sealant Compound Of Choice for the marine industry." The only reason you might get advice to use something other would be that 5200 is Very Sticky for a long time and if you want to check that fitting later by pulling it apart within 5yrs or so it may be tough to get apart. But you can, it's just really good at being long term sticky.

    By the way it is sticky on your hands also, The Trick for cleaning up afterward is Isopropyl Alcohol. Rubs the stuff right off, nearly impossible with anything else. You'll wear it for a week or more. Or using Alcohol, wipe it off as you go. Good for your hull installation also. have the Alcohol in a spray bottle and spray, then wipe with papertowel til the whole project is looking beautiful.

    You'll like 5200 for lots of things around the boat, but it is Sticky.
    For your situation, Don't Space Out the Backing Plate !! Have Fun !!
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