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Thread: What do you think of this?

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    Default What do you think of this?

    Don't know much about materials for rafts so I thought I'd hit up you guys for info about this boat. Will it hold up to Alaska?

    Looks like a good multipurpose raft, kind of a propioneer with a transom.

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    Saturn boats are seen in Alaska from time to time. I don't know if there is a local dealer for them. Shipping to AK will be substantially more than their website indicates. This one is a skinny sport boat designed to be efficient with relatively low power. It would be interesting to see how much power it could adequately handle. It might be an exciting ride with 15-20 hp.

    The 1100 denier polyester/PVC fabric is nothing to shout about, but is probably adequate. It is glued rather than welded, and that is generally viewed as an inferior process, but if done right it should be fine.

    I've never used a Saturn boat but perhaps others have durability experience with them. They look like, and the specs indicate, they represent the lower spectrum of modern rafts. However, there are a lot of similar products that have been proven to be more than acceptable in normal use.


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