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Thread: Anybody caribou hunt out of Bethel last year?

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    Default Anybody caribou hunt out of Bethel last year?

    Need some recent reports from last season. I hunted there 2 years ago and the hot weather had the caribou holding high on the hills. I am heading there 4 Sept.

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    Default yep

    I hunted out of bethel middle of Sept. If you are looking for trophy bulls, best schedule later in the season. The past few years trophys have been hard to come by until late in the season. We saw about 500 bou but not one that would be a trophy.

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    Default Bou Hunting in Bethel

    Flew out of Bethel into the Killbucks and had a tough time scoring a large bull. We went in mid-sept and the weather was beautiful (60 degrees and sunny) but the majority of what we saw was cows and calves. I did tag out on a raghorn but there hadn't been any cold weather to push the large bulls out of the mountains. If you went later in the season, you may have a better chance.


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