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Thread: Hatchers Pass? A little help for a First timer!

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    Default Hatchers Pass? A little help for a First timer!

    I have never been gold panning before. I recently bought a sluice box and a few pans. I plan on trying a few other places first but since my family will be coming in a few weeks to visit, I had planned to take them to Hatchers Pass to hike around and thought we may as well try out my new equipment. I have no Idea where to go up there. Would anyone point me in the right direction. I would love to just keep the kids busy and don't want to get shot at!

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    Smile Hattcher Pass

    Hi you need to AMD Forums to get help they will tell what creeks to try and good places to try.

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    Call Crow Creek mine and ask for Nate and his prospecting "tutorial" class. Its $100 or $150 bucks ( cant remember) takes half a day and he teachs you local history, how to use a sluice, pan and pointers on reading a river. Just make sure you call and make sure you reserv the time. You always get a little bag of "salted" dirt that has a few flakes of his gold and the river has never let me down. The wife and I always find gold and just the other day along with the normal fines, she found a nice little .7grain picker. Nothing else is just a wonderful tour and place to bring visitors. Good luck!

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    I love mining up in Hatchers Pass, I have spent the past two summer walking all over the palmer side, and even went out a few times last winter when it was warm enough. I could help you out more if I knew what side of Hatchers you were going to be on, Willow or Palmer. The Willow side is heavily marked with claim signs and they are not hard to miss, so mining on the Willow side is carefully done. As far as I know though, most if not all the mining claims on the Palmer side have been dropped or stripped from the owner by the State. Mining on the Palmer side you will want to go to Fishhook creek, or go up the Gold Mint Trail. Both the Palmer and Willow sides of Hatchers Pass have small gold, mostly flour gold, a few small flakes, and if your lucky you might even get a little picker. The pickers are about the size of a small matchhead.
    Good luck!!!


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