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Thread: Marine Plywood?

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    Default Marine Plywood?

    Who in Alaska sales marine plywood?
    Do you have to do anything with it?
    Like seal it?
    With what?
    Thanks Bob

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    I believe Spenard sells it.

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    Depends on what your looking to do with it Bob. If your making a boat for example it dose need to be sealed. A little more detail will help folks answer your questions.
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    As mentioned, what is your application? SBS has fir marine ply, but to protect it you'll need to cover it with fiberglass and epoxy. If you just epoxy it, it will check after a year or two.

    Hardwood specialties will order whatever marine ply edensaw caries, so if you want to go with okume, you can get the better marine ply through them. Okume doesn't soak up as much resin, and doesn't have the same rough surface as fir, so the more expensive wood pays for itself in resin and labor savings.


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