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Thread: Thank you Susitna Rotary

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    Default Thank you Susitna Rotary

    Susitna Rotary Thanks everyone that braved the Rainy, Cold, Wet 17.9 mile float to clean up our river! We removed two pickup truck loads of trash from the river.
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    I have not been on the Little Sue in years, it nice to know someone is keeping it clean.
    Thank you.

    One thing I do not understand if a hunter, or a person using a ATV or snowmobile cut a twig, or left behind a single piece of paper. There would be the biggest outrage, yet fisherman can cut down trees to be able to fish a hole, leave behind a mountain of trash and nothing is said.

    Why is it that fisherman are such pigs and nobody cares? Why the double standard???

    Sorry, ironartis for the rage, I just get sick every time I go fishing and see all the trash’s.


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