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    Default upper kenia

    We've been wanting to float/fish the upper Kenia for years. We have 2 Bucs Bags catarafts and have floated a number of rivers in the valley. We would like to float the upper portion and get out before the canyon. Where do we put in? Where do we get out? Is there a shuttle service or do we stick out a thumb and hope?

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    Default floating the kenai

    You can put in at the bridge at the end of the kenai lake where the river starts and float to Sportsmans landing or Jims landing. Lots of people just put in at sportsmans and float to jims that way you can spend more time fishing as that is some of the better fishing.It's a nice float down from the lake with only a couple of things to watch for. The princess shoot it's right below the Princess lodge that sits on the bluff, just hit the middle and enjoy. The first bend past the road bridge that you go under is schooner bend just stay to the river right going past the big rocks it's easy. Sportsmans landing is where the ferry crossing is. Yes there is a shuttle service but you can thumb pretty easy if you like. the shuttle service is called Wildman towing

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    Default Shuttle or the buddy system

    The General store, laundry and Booze offers a shuttle, think last year it was $40 from Lake to Jim's. Best to take an extra set of keys, give them one you keep one and just tell them to lock the door when they drop off your rig.
    I want to take a trip there mid Julyish and hope I can find someone to go with who is already going. Would like to go thru the Canyon?
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    I've only been through the canyon once. It was fun from a rafting standpoint, but it didn't seem to have alot of fishable water until the end. There were spots in the canyon to pull over if you hit the eddies just right, but otherwise it would be easy to blow right by them. Anybody have much experience fishing down there? I didn't feel it would be the hassle of rigging an outboard for the trip across the lake to do again. I did a multi-raft trip with a power boat waiting to haul us across Skilak. The scenery is beautiful. There was tons of bear sign (2 cubs on the shore in the canyon and a medium size brownie fishing at the outlet) in September. We had planned a Scout overnighter at the outlet, but elected to continue across to the Upper campground due to all the bear activity.

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    Default Doroshin Bay Cabin

    Don't forget there is a Forest Ser Cabin to the left of the mouth, rent per night type old trappers cabin, seems like we called some one in Kenai?

    Well as far as the canyon & fishing I don't know, I just want to give it a try! view is more important to me.
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