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Thread: Kodiak Camping/Fishing beginning to mid-August?

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    Default Kodiak Camping/Fishing beginning to mid-August?

    Hey guys,

    I'm here in Anchorage for work right now and things are going a lot better than expected so that will give me about 10-12 extra days to play around beginning August 6th.

    My gf and I would like to go to Kodiak. I will most likely take the ferry from Homer and visit the island and fish.

    I was just curious to know what will be running during that time along the road system?
    Is the road system difficult to figure out?
    Camping spots hard to find?

    I will also be trying for Halibut at the mouth of the Pasagshak so if anyone has any info on this, I would appreciate that as well.

    Ive gathered some info over the past few years about Kodiak fishing, but I just like going over it to be sure.

    thanks a million
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    There should be plenty of pinks in the rivers. Its fairly easy to get around on the road system. Maybe a few reds still coming in the Saltery. However, it usually requires an ATV to get there. Good silver, halibut and ling cod fishing in the Salt. However, its not easy finding open charters for two people. Check out the store for books on fishing Kodiak.


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