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Thread: I'm getting a bigger trailer ?

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    Default I'm getting a bigger trailer ?

    I have a 2003,bunk,3 axle,9000 lb,galvanized,ezloader trailer in good shape with a boat that weight is all of that if I put as much heavy stuff in my truck as possible,it would be 10,000 if I put it all in the boat,I found a 2005,12,000 lb ezloader for a good price.Is this trailer to big and how much could I get for the smaller one ? Thanks.

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    Default Trailer size

    I guess it would depend on the type of road you pull your trailer over. I regularily pull my trailer between Kenai and Whittier, and the crappy road through the pass takes its toll on my undersized trailer.
    I don't think there is such a thing as too heavy of a trailer, unless you were putting an 18' Lund on it.
    Your current trailer seems to be the size I need for my 6000# load. If you decide to sell it let me know, I might be interested.
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