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    Just got back from the Klutina. Here is what I encountered. Fishing was slow at best. Persistance was the key if you where in the right spot and put in the time. Out of 3 days of fishing we caught 12 Reds with 3 peaople fishing. My daughter in law went up on a charter with my son and she caught a King he lost his. It was her first time ever fishing this river for anything. The Klutina is almost even with the Copper and the Gulkana is still chocolate. All in all a good trip with the kids. The weather was nice and sunny and we got a few fish.

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    good report! glad you had fun i am leaving inthe morning!
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    Sweet Ron! Thanks for the report, I'm thinking of heading down there for an overnighter next Saturday after the Clearwater. I'll do it if I hear fishing is half-way decent. Thanks for the report!

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