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    I've never used Gunbroker, so I'm just looking for a crash course from anyone who has. Can you give me a rundown of how it works exactly? In the event that your bid wins, what happens next? Do you contact a local FFL and make arrangements with them, or do you make arrangements with the FFL before you even make your bid? Also, are there any recommended FFL dealers in Fairbanks who handle Gunbroker transfers fairly regularly?

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    Find a local FFL to 'catch' the firearm before you start bidding. Call a few up, or stop by. They should all be able to tell you what their fee is for receiving. Prices range from $0 to $50, so check with a few different people.

    Email the seller. Tell him where you want your firearm shipped. He will then contact your local FFL and they will work out the details. Some sellers are better than others, just like some FFLs are better than others. Either way, they should keep you in the loop when they ship, whether or not its tracked, etc.

    The easiest thing is when you find a local guy on there selling something interesting. You can search by state - and if he is an AK seller or a longarm, he can ship it straight to your home.

    The rest of the rules are just like ebay - check feedback, leave good feedback when appropriate, leave bad feedback when appropriate, etc.

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    post above answered all the questions. most FFLs will charge around $25. Search around in gun stores and private FFLs, so may do it for $10-20. $50 is pretty high unless you're out in a more remote location.

    good luck. i never had problems with the sales from gun broker.

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    Bought a gun from Gun Broker, worked out real well and very easy. You can find local FFL holders right on the site. I just wish I remembered where. I believe it was in the bidding process a "click here for FFL holders in your area" type thing.

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    You can go here to fins an FFL dealer for your state/area:

    Hope this helps.

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    I've bought 4 or 5 guns through gun broker in the last couple of years but some gun parts. I've been happy with the deals I got.

    One thing to watch out for however: it is legal for indivduals to ship guns to a FFL but some dealers won't accept guns from individuals. Check in advance if your dealer is O.K. with received guns from an individual. If not find another dealer or only buy guns from dealers. In my experience I would recommend finding another FFL to receive the guns - in my experience some of the best deals come from individuals.
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    I have bought and sold several guns on GB, if I am going to buy, I want to make sure I deal with the guy I'm buying from then when I have sent the payment I will have my FFL holder, fax his liscense or email it. If my seller requires it be mailed I pick it up and send it with the money order. I made sure my dealer is ok with this first, once I talked to him years ago, I now just give him a call if I win one.

    If I sell one I pay $40.00 for my FFL to take care of the shipping, and charge $35.00 for the buyer.


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