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Thread: Albacore in Alaska?

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    Default Albacore in Alaska?

    Has anyone ever heard of or fished Albacore in Alaska? I know they are caught commercially off the BC Coast and there is a sport fishery in Washington State, just wondering if the water temp in the gulf ever warms up enough to bring them north.

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    I have heard of them being caught in the gulf by kodiak during El Nino years. One commercial guy supposedly did well, but for the most part the industry up here isn't set up for it. If I had reliable news of longfins being up in my neck of the woods, I'd sure go chase after them. It's been a while since I pulled on an albie.

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    Yup. They pass by about 300 miles south of Kodiak each fall- roughly October, but only get intercepted now and then by boats making the passage straight across the gulf in that month and smart enough to have along a spread of feathers. About 20 years ago one boat froze a few tons and landed them in Kodiak for sales off the dock. The ones I bought averaged right at 20, so decent fish.

    A little later they're passing 100-200 miles south of Dutch. One boat out there made a stab at landings about 15 years ago, but couldn't stir enough interest in local processors to make a go of it. That was right in the middle of crab season, so easy to understand.

    They're there, but you have to have the boat, range and weather to do something about it.


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