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Thread: Thoughts for a entry level River Boat

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    Default Thoughts for a entry level River Boat

    Well, have been thinking about it awhile now, and a trip to the Deshka pretty well convinced me I need some type of river boat, besides a cataraft I have. I've been a bit hesitant since I've never power boated on a river. I've done a lot of power boating on lakes and such, and have been running the upper Kenia on a raft for a few years. I can enlist the help of friend with a lot of river experience to help keep me safe and help teach me the ropes.

    So now the question is what type of boat, but in general looking for something that will mainly be a fishing boat, not looking to moose hunt out of the first one, running the typical spots in the valley. Would like to have the ability to have 4 people loaded to fish, including me. Would also like a steering console. And would like to have a boat to double as a kenia sled too, so looking at the 50 hp max deal,,,,not totally set there but it would be nice for the 2-3 trips I'd do a year unless this would leave me underpowered for groups of 4

    in general, keeping my eyes open while fishing the 16-18 foot class boats with 50-65 hp 4-strokes seem to be widely used, a lot of the G3's and similar G# with a 65 4-stroke seems to be popular.

    I'm just wondering if I'm on the right line of thinking and interested in any advise on boats or boating that anybody might be willing to share we a guy wanting to get his feet wet so to speak.


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    There's a variety of boat manufacturers in the class you're looking at, all with their own advantages & drawbacks, but all suited to be a good starter boat & do what you're talking about. About the only words of advice I'd offer up is buy used so you lose little to nothing when you sell it. Just think - a single trip to the Deshka got the fire started. There's a high probability you'll only run it for a season or two before you'll be looking to trade up to something bigger. If you're not looking to satisfy the itch immediately, there's some good deals to be had in early spring when others are hitting the boat shows & upgrading. Good luck on your search & enjoy (and learn) every minute on the water once you find that sweet deal!


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    4 people in a 60 horse boat going up river isnt going to be what you want. you may get by but you wont be happy. they are mostly two people boats with three pushing it. unless you go light weight with a tiller then you can get it done marginally.
    by the boat you are going to use for the most part and not what you may use only on a rare occasion.


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