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Thread: Earliest King out of the Chena or Salcha?

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    Question Earliest King out of the Chena or Salcha?

    OK, just curious on the earliest you have ever caught a King out of the Chena or Salcha Rivers. Don't need a location on the river, just a date. The peak is usually the 2-3 week of July. Thanks to any and all that care to share.

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    Never fished for them, but ADFG website says it takes 1.5 to 2 days to get to the dam from the mouth. They've historically counted fish on the 4th, 5th, and 6th, which means those fish were at the mouth on the 2nd or so. I say give it a shot.
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    definatly right now....but for better fishing I'd give it the 10th...., we did very well on the salcha last year.

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    Is the Salcha fishable from the bank or does one need a boat?

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    Default Kings on chena

    Well i believe it was back in 04 i caught and released 15 kings before i kept one on 7 july and that was all in about 3 1/2 hours and on PIXIES. that was up off nordale rd. salcha can befished from the bank but better chances in a boat

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    On the Chena in 2003 i caught a King on the 26th of June about 10 hours before i got on a plane to go to Iraq. They had a huge run that year, my friend caught one that was 47 lbs. if i was still in fairbanks i would be fishing at the mouth of the chena this weekend. if you are going to the salcha you can fish on the bank below the bridge or cross the bridge and go into the camp ground to fish up on the gravel bar by the counter. good luck to you

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    Default 2003 one to remember

    First week of July 2003 I caught and released 9 yes 9 in about 4.5 hours in one evening. From 20 to 40lbs. est.


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