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Thread: Bear meat in July?

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    Default Bear meat in July?

    I may get the chance to come up to Anchorage in the end of July for a work trip and I was thinking of bringing the black bear tag that I didn't fill this spring. I was mainly planning on fishing since I only have two days to work with, but I figured I would keep my rifle close and the tag in my pocket just in case. I know bear meat is not the best when they are on fish, but I was wondering if it is totally inedable or if it's just not the best. Would it make good hamburger? If not, how would it work as sausage?

    If I don't end up fishing I may take a quick hike up the lost lake trail for some sightseeing. Would there be any berries in the last week of july? Will the bears all still be down low on the fish or is it worth bringing the rifle?

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    Default Bear Tag

    You're tag from this spring is expired. It's only ood until 30 June 2010, so you'll need to get a new tag to hunt the 2010-2011 season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irish View Post
    You're tag from this spring is expired. It's only ood until 30 June 2010, so you'll need to get a new tag to hunt the 2010-2011 season.
    Are you sure about that? Black bear harvest tickets expired on the last day of June, but I'm not sure that the same is true of non-resident locking tags. At least for brown bear, I know that the locking tags are good for the calendar year, not the regulatory year.

    If your tag is indeed good, then I would give it a shot on an alpine hike like Lost Lake or another nearby area. I've never eaten a fish bear, so I can't comment on that. There should be some blueberries up high by then, though, and there are usually some bears in the alpine regardless of the time of summer.

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    I'll have to take a look at the regs, but I believe that you're right in that I need a new harvest ticket, but the locking tag is still good. Thanks brian. If I take the hike I'll be sure to bring the rifle. Not really planning on doing too much hunting, but I am planning on either some hiking or fishing and if the tag is still good, I may as well use it. If the meat isn't good in July though I may leave the rifle at home and hope I have time to hunt this fall.

    Can anybody comment on the number of bears up above the treeline in late July or on the quality of the meat?

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    Most black bear have good meat quality year round. Its just the ones' that camp out on a fish stream and eat salmon that get fishy tasting. For alpine or ridgeline berry bears, the hide will be very thin... but the meat good.

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    I would hike up to either Crescent or Bench/Johnson Lake. Then I would fish for grayling and shoot a bear.
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