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Thread: Gunfire on Russian River

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    Exclamation Gunfire on Russian River

    I spent all of last week camped at the Russian River and only saw one bear the entire trip -- a big brownie gorging on salmon at the falls.

    However, on the evening of Monday, June 21, we had just returned to camp at about midnight when two shots rang out along the river. Never heard what the shooting was about, but figure it must have been a bear encounter.

    When I mentioned it to several co-workers who were there around the same time, they cited rumours of a brown bear getting shot at the confluence, as well as spray being used on a brownie sow with two cubs.

    Anyone have details about these bear encounters or other recent close calls in the area? Sure hope there's not a wounded bear out there!

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    Heard the shots but not a story so assumed they were warning shots. The sow with the cubs were down around the powerlines. Idjits kept panicking down there both this and last year so wouldn't surprise me one bit....

    Now add walking from powerlines to cleaning tables with your fish and surely someone would have a bear encounter.....


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