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Thread: Converting a 1 Piece Rod to 2 Piece Rod

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    Default Converting a 1 Piece Rod to 2 Piece Rod

    I'm looking to convert a one piece rod into a two piece rod. Does anybody know if this can be done? Any method of doing this? or a place a where materials can be purchased to perform such a thing. It seems a bit risky but I really like the rod but being a one piece it is very difficult to transport.

    Any insite would be greatly appreciated.

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    Thumbs up One peice rod.

    I use a plastic "Bazooka" rod case for all my one piece rods. It works great. It just seems to me that converting it doesn't sound like a good idea. I might be wrong. Good luck.

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    I have converted lots of one piece to two piece. Stepped on a few, had them get smashed in pinch points on cars, etc.

    Seriously though. I would suggest calling a rod builder. It may be possible but I have not seen it done.


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