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Thread: Flys for Silvers in valdez

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    Default Flys for Silvers in valdez

    I have had zero luck getting a silver to hit a fly in valdez, I've tried everything i have in my box, Ive fished both the harbor and allison point. I have had luck usin spinning reels and lures like a vibrax but i always prefer to use my fly rods, does anyone have suggestions for flys to use or technique?

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    Strip fast and use big flashy flies. You should try a pollywog for some surface action.

    Here are some standard silver flies you should be trying.

    Have you been getting action already this summer for Silvers down there?

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    I don't strip the fly fast as much as I strip it really iradically(sp?). Use a bunny fly with dumbell eyes or a heavy cone head to give all of the weight in the front of the fly. Tie it on with a Rapala knot (google it, it is like a clinch knot that forms a loop to allow more fly motion) and do a couple fast strips, let it sink, twitch it, couple more fast strips, things like that. I havn't found silvers to like a nice steady presentation as much as the 'injured baitfish' kind of look. Hope this helps and good luck!

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    Default Just a theory but...

    seems like in still water (ie the salt with minimal current) that bucktail has better action. So in salt my primary component of the fly is bucktail with some sort of weighted head to get jiggy with it. Chartruese should also be included in colors. In other words make sure to bring along some chartruese/white clousers! Also cone headed chartruese deceivers.

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    I am not worried about color much with different fish, but with silvers over the last several years I have convinced myself blue is "the" color... And white is not bad.

    Akgrayling is worth listening to... Last year on one trip Riley literally had at least a half-dozen silvers before anyone else had even a single take. He humbled the rest of us thoroughly...


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