Im looking for a few good photos of events in the last month for Alaska Dog News. Too many events at once this month kept me from most of them. And the weather. Hard to take photos on a down pour. If anyone has some from
HRC Upland Bird Dog event Pt Mac June 26-27
Fairbanks events
Field trials

Showing the dog in action not just posing in preferable.

Preferably without, ecollars, crops, heeling sticks or any negative training equipment in the photo. Depending on the location I can remove these items. No particular objection just looks better.
They should be 1 mg to 5 mg. (iphone photos do not work) No smaller or larger to email. No imbedded graphics other than the photographers name/business in the lower right or left corner if you wish. No extreme photoshoping, vignettes etc. Include your name, business, club, contact info if desired.

You're invited to send them any time to