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Thread: What to take on a caribou drop hunt?

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    Default What to take on a caribou drop hunt?

    For those of you who have done this, what should a hunter take-camping gear, hunting gear, clothes, food? Thanks.

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    Default Try this

    Here is a link to a web site of 2 hunters and there bou drop hunt.
    It has their pack list and all the details of the hunt..
    Cant rember what member on this site gave out this info so I cant give credit where it is due

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    Smile What to take?

    The best **** tent you can afford, as our weather tends to get real crappy most years.


    Personal gear
    *Your tent needs to be larger than you think you need with a vestibule. Nothing worse than being holed up for days on end in a cramped space, plan big. I like Cabalas Guide Model tents for room and durability.
    *Cots are a +
    *Good quality synthetic sleeping bag, wet down sucks!
    *Good kitchen complete with a 2 burner stove, worth the weight! (Lots of matches)
    *Gun cleaning and repair kit.
    *Enough clothing to keep you warm and most important Dry!
    *Tarps, lots of game bags and rope to hang meat.
    *Extra food. Always plan on 2-3 extra days as pick-ups get delayed often up here.
    *Water filter
    *Meat frame, donít cut corners here!
    * Reading material to fill the extra time
    *Bow saw and good ax
    *GPS and sat phone

    This is not a complete list but a nice beginning. Remember your weight limits and many times you are better off to pick up you gear from guys like me because of the expense in bring it up from Oklahoma and we carry the best stuff on the market. I rent a lot of complete camps to guys coming up to WACH and very few see it as a waste of money and they love not having to mess with wet gear when they are getting on a jet.

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    Default What I would take

    I would take a well endowed woman if my wife would let me. But we now that is not going to happen, cause getting as she says, im getting old. Just hit the archieves or many websites that list equipment needs. Caribou hunting is great if timing and weather is good. MAin thing to do is find out where the Bou are.



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