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Thread: Valdez Pinks from shore

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    Default Valdez Pinks from shore

    We are going to Valdez this weekend. Any reports of catching any from shore? When is the best time to fish, when the tide is out? Any other fish being caught from shore. Thanks for the help and we will post our results when we get back.

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    wont be heading down there this year but i usually go down every year, you might be a little bit early yet you should still get some fish though, go to allison point a couple hours before high tide and watch if they are in you should see them, also sometimes the day tide doesnt produce as well as the night tide, for some reason at night they come in way closer, this is before they are in real thick. By mid to late july it should be impossible to not limit out

    bring a flashlight for the night tide a good surefire should light it up real good and watch out for bears they will come right up to you before you know they are there at night

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    Got a friend down in Valdez right now. He said they were catching a lot a couple days ago but thought they might be getting pushed to shore from the boats netting? Not to sure. Sounded like today was a bit slower during the day, didn't hear from him tonight to know if it picked up at all.


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