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Thread: Tweener weekend

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    Default Tweener weekend

    This up coming weekend is typically the "in-between runs" weekend.
    Kenai: Some early run reds left but few, few kings in the river.
    Valley streams kings about done. Few to catch but main runs done.

    Good weekend for going north for grayling, or lakes for trout. Give the family some outdoor time camping & relax a bit.
    A good "Honey-do" project weekend so you can :
    Get ready for 2nd run reds & kings,
    & then the silvers hit & we'll all be in a tizzy to fill the freezer.

    Have a great weekend
    & a great 4th of July


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    Growing up largely as a bank maggot, this was always the toughest weekend to decide which river to hit. Hit and miss prospects regardless of where you wanted to go.

    If you're looking for a sure thing, hitting the salt is a better bet. Good weekend for halibut either Homer/lower KP or Seward. If you're really fixated on salmon, silver action usually picks up at the mouth of Resurrection Bay the first week of July.
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