I booked my flight to King Salmon using travel vouchers on Alaska Airlines well over four months ago. The trip entailed additional bookings via Horizon Air, but I was well satisfied I pulled it all off with a minimum of out-of-pocket expense. I am a commuter angler, and represent many who participate in these forums in either salt or fresh water.

The major carrier laid a big surprise on me several weeks ago when they moved my return time back a full four hours. Not only did this necessitate my leaving early, it also caused my to wind up in the Anchorage airport at midnight and to have to wait six hours for my connecting flight the next morning.

I did not take this laying down and neither should you if this ever happens. You have options, rights, and recourse as a consumer. You simply must use them. Compile your information, determine your options, and then make your call. Above all, be polite and friendly.

My call resulted in one half of a non-refundable fare being credited to my account. It also resulted in my being comped a free night in a hotel with transportation back to the airport included for the following day. It wasn't easy, but they did listen and made things right.

If you commute to Alaska to fish, getting there and back is truely half the battle. If you use travel vouchers, it's even tougher. Stay on top of everything and never be disheartened. Simply get your act together and then make the call.
They will listen...