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Thread: Flying to Alaska via the ALCAN highway

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    Wink Flying to Alaska via the ALCAN highway

    This is my first post to this Alaska Outdoors Forum. I live in Colorado and own a small plane that I want to fly to Alaska via the Alcan highway. Has anyone done this who is willing to share info, tips, tricks, helpful hints etc?

    EMAIL me or use this forum if you have time to write.

    Info on enroute camping, fuel stops, facilities, friendliness of Canadians, info on whether or not a gun is allowed or needed for bear protection etc.

    Thanks group. Great Forum.


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    Sounds fun... Ive never done it.

    It might help if you post the type of plane, wheels or floats etc so those have have made the trip have an idea what information to offer.

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    Default webpage

    Here is a nice in depth site that outlines an Alaskan trek...


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    Default PM me

    I just brought a plane up from the North East last month, third time up for me. You can PM me and I'll try to give you some infromation that might help. I don't camp coming up as its early in the year and the wt. of the gear would wt. me out. I have other excusses to go to hotels also, feel free to use any of them, I'll supply more. Tom

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    Smile trip up


    Do you have any info on flying up I can give to the pilot bringing up my 180. he's flying from Idaho and leaves Sat.


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    I am flying my plane up in a couple of weeks and would also enjoy some of the latest info for the trip. I will be coming from the West Coast though.

    algonquin: i tried to pm you but it would not work. not sure why...

    Appreciate any info! Thanks!

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    I am very interested in flying to Alaska, I live in Dallas. I am starting to make plans for a Cross Country, I will be retiring in the next 2 years. I have a Kitfox LSA , Low & Slow. I am going to order a copy of The Milepost and start getting the Canada flight info!

    Paul Z

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    When I ferry planes back and forth, I like to stick inland and fly in spring or late fall.

    I like to cross into Canada via Oroville Washington. The airport is a little ways from town, but the motel is very cheap, (and looks it) and they have a GREAT burger place.

    Then to Penticin BC for customs;
    Then Kamloops
    Then Williams Lake
    Then Prince George for more gas.
    Then through Piney Pass to Fort Saint John (or take the rtench if gas and weather allow.)
    Then up to Fort Nelson
    Then Waston Lake
    Followed by White Horse
    Then Alaska Customs at Northway
    Then stop at Fast Eddies Pizza in Tok....
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    Check out AOPA's website. They have a whole section on the trip North, full of good information.

    Enjoy the trip.

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