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Thread: Shoreline/Surf Fishing??

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    Default Shoreline/Surf Fishing??

    Hey gang, I enjoy this forum very much & all the posts. I live in Hawaii & work hard all year for my two weeks in your paradise (somewhat of a role reversal).

    My question; we do a lot of fishing from shore in HI. I will be on Kenai Peninsula in July, what are chances of catching some fish (halibut, salmon, & other good eaters) from shore? Any suggestions where to fish & tackle/bait? Any & all info is greatly appreciated! I would love to reciprocate info for your trip here.

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    Default Shore fishing

    You will have a hard time halibut fishing from shore on the kenai, but you can easily get salmon and other good eating fish from shore in the area.

    You can fish from shore in rivers and streams for salmon, trout, and char, and can also fish from shore in saltwater for salmon in certain areas.

    It is easy to catch various saltwater fish from shore that people eat, but the most prized fish, halibut, are much easier to catch from a boat.

    The Kenai is a large place, and your fishing options in one part of the peninsula will be vastly different than others. I recommend planning the exact destination, then talking to locals, or others on here fore more specific guidence.
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    Default Surf fishing

    You can get good info by searching this forum. Here is a great link posted here about 5 years ago by Matt.
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    Hows it Kauiguy, I grew up on Oahu and did the same style of shore fishing for Ulua. You can get Halibut from the shore using almost the same set up with the weight hanging below the hook line. Just put a half or whole herring on the circle hook and cast em out. Tighten your line clip on your bell and crack a beer. You can go down to Deep Creek, Ninilchik, or Clam Gulch on the beach anywhere and set up. The The plus side there is on a good tide you can dig for clams. PM me for more info.

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    [QUOTE=fishnngrinn;762800]You can get good info by searching this forum. Here is a great link posted here about 5 years ago by Matt.

    That is a very good post! Thanks for sharing.

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    Default hey kauaiguy...

    get a hold of me when you are up here if you make it to homer.
    you can e-mail me through the forum.
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    Thanks very much you four! Looking forward to hitting your beach! Relaxing & soaking a line. Homer Dave I will email when I get near you.

    Any other input from shoreline fishermen is greatly appreciated!


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