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Thread: Your Sockeye Spinning/Casting Rig

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    Default Your Sockeye Spinning/Casting Rig

    For all you sockeye slingers, what is your favorite sockeye spinning rod, how long and how heavy? I've been using my little medium action graphite trout rods but the sockeye seem to hang a lickin' on me. I have some 7 foot Ugly sticks but they seem so slow and sluggish compared to the little graphite rods, but I think I'm gonna break instantly if I get a big one or a chinook.

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    Ugly Stick Lite Medium action.

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    When you walk the banks you will see a variety of outfits; from $50 department store combos to $600 fly-rods; people use 12 pound (or less) mono line to 50 pound braid. I have seen them all catch fish.

    I have a medium-action 9 foot graphite rod with a shimano curado baitcaster using 20 pound P-line. I have also used a 9 foot; 8 wt fly rod but I seem to do better with my baitcaster.

    It all depends on where you fish and how many people are around. You can go with a lighter-shorter outfit; but if you are taking a long time to bring in a fish, people may get annoyed and if it gets in the Kenai current; you may not be able to turn it. But if you use a heavy outfit; which is good because you can just wench the fish right in, but you may lose some of that sensitivity you may need when feeling for the hook-up or snag.

    I fish mostly the russian and kenai rivers for sockeyes and I like my set-up.

    When I fish places like Jim Creek (for silvers) and it is more shoulder to shoulder; I may switch to a 7 foot rod; beacuse it can be more crowded and I have a tendency to retrieve sideways.

    Also make sure your reel has a good drag.

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    I have a real similar set up. I have a 9' medium heavy action with a curado 300, and an 8wt fly rod.

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    I used to use a spinning rod. Found it to be some what of a hassle. Since I was rarely casting, (usually the lift & swing method) I would get tangles around the reel handle & the thin line would cause a cut in my finger from that method of casting.
    I went to a 10 weight fly rod , 9', with a $11 fly reel, 80 lb test mono on the fly reel with a 1-1/2 oz swivel/chain-sinker. Then 20/30 lb, 28" leader. Save lots of weights & flys & sometimes still have a foul hooked red that runs down stream break off the fly. (I just point the rod at the fish & let them pull off)
    Can't horse the fish, (loose several if you do or break the rod).
    With a fly rod set up I found it hard to cast all the way across the river in many places but all in all I have more success & fun with it.
    What I loose in distance is more than made up in: saved gear, less lead left in the river, more fishing time (not tying flies & weights on all the time) & the heavy line swings better thru the fish.
    If you want, you can use 10 lb leader (but the RR reds laugh at it & use the flies lost as ornamental jewelry )
    Found it to work best for my way of fishing RR reds. Whatever works for you the best is the way to go.

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    7' Heavy Action Cabela's Fish Eagle II in a baitcaster. 20# mono. Would prefer 20# braid.
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    When I do use casting equipment its:

    8'6" Lamiglas Magnum Taper (Medium)
    Abu Garcia C3 5500
    25" Berkley Mono
    25" Premade Gami leaders w/ 3/0 hooks


    7 wt TFO 4 Piece w/sink tip line
    25" premade Gami leaders w/ 3/0 hooks

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