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Thread: shipping antlers

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    Default shipping antlers

    alaska air cargo requires a polyethylene bag to put your antlers in. where can a person find a bag big enough for a large set of antlers? or does anyone have any other suggestions? thanks for any help you can give.

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    Waylon, I tried to (snail) mail you a letter about a month ago, but I sent it to a wrong address and recieved it back. I have a way to get your meat and UNsplit antlers back to the Seattle area. I cant PM new members, but if you want a packet with all the details send me your mailing address to Thanks, Mike

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    Default Airline counter or Air Cargo

    In the past alaska Airlines has given them to me free at the airline counter to put over a wax box just to make sure it didn't leak, and I also got them at air cargo where they sell the boxes for Antler Express. I'd check with them first though as that has been a few years ago. Nothing is free anymore when it comes to airlines!


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