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Thread: Float Tube Swan Lakes Trails??

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    Question Float Tube Swan Lakes Trails??

    I was considering float tubing the swan lakes trails. I think putting in at the west entrance would be best since this is a fishing trip.

    I was wondering if anyone had ever used a float tube and portaged back there. I have a dry bag and straps for my tube so portaging should be easy. But I am not sure about the size of the lakes and I am trying to get an estimate of how much ground I can cover in a couple days.

    I am also a little unsure about finding the portages, I have heard there are small brown signs for this true for all of them? How easy are they to find. Do I need a compass plus map, or just a map?

    Also if anyone could recommend which lakes a there favorite for fishing on this system that would be awesome!

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    Default get a copy

    of "Kenai Canoe Trails", by Dan Quick. The maps will answer any questions. I canoed thru a few years ago & had no problems finding the portage markers. We started at the west end also - I imagine you could get to Martin & back in a couple of days, but that's a lot of kickin, in a tube.

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    my husband and I have done the trails twice. First time in a canoe, from West entrance, 2nd time with kayaks from east. Fishing is definitely best going in from west. Spruce lake was the most popular people-wise, but I found Swan Lake the most breathtaking and I had several nice size rainbows on by the weedy areas.

    I don't have much experience with float tubes, so can't really help you there, however, it was a LOT of work portaging with both the canoe and kayaks, so it would seem the float tube would be make that part much easier for you. As far as the lakes, etc..., you should be able to do just fine in one, I would think. That actually sounds like a viable option to me.

    The portages are easy to find. The signs are helpful, but once you're in the general area you can tell where they are.
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