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Thread: Seward area fishing

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    Default Seward area fishing

    I'll be in Seward for the 4th of July weekend. I was wondering if there are any streams in that area that have trout, dollies, or grayling. Basically, anything you target with a 5 wt flyrod. Any suggestions would be appreciated....

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    Default Salmon

    How 'bout some salmon?

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    Wink Seward on the 4th

    Not fishing, but when you're done and if you like real good blues, go to the Yukon Bar either tomorrow or sunday cause' there's a band playing that will knock your socks off. Joey Fender & the 55's-just saw them at Humpy's tonight and wow, Stevie Ray Vaughns' ghost is alive and well! As good as it gets, really.


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