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Thread: Near Fort Wainwright

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    Default Near Fort Wainwright

    I have been told by many here that the better fishing spots require a bit of a drive from Fort Wainwright/Fairbanks. I went to Minto Flats with some friends and a boat on 26 June and while we didn't catch what we had hoped for it was still enjoyable. We only caught four Pike and only one was good size (from what I'm told). I am up for making a few hours drive to get to some of the better spots, but during the week and on some weekends it's not always possible.
    I would like to know if anyone has any recommendations for spots within about 30 minutes of Fort Wainwright/Fairbanks. I enjoy going for Pike but would also be interested in anything else that is a good size. My previous experiences down at Chena Lake (catching 6"-8" Rainbows) just doesn't cut it for me. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    Default 30 minutes?

    Do you fly fish? Upper Chena River! Grayling fishing is great there...

    Access to the military lands has great stock lakes..

    couple weeks and chum and king salmon fishing in both the chena and the salcha

    Minto is more the 30 minutes from Fairbanks so...if you want to go a little further and get quantiy and quality must be Clearwater grayling...the best roadside fishing for a combo like that IMHO...July-Aug and at about 90 miles
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    x2 on everything my bud said.

    In addition, you could try Little Harding Lake. There are some good size bows in there (they manage it for "trophy" fishing) and they should be about done with their spawning so luck might be better now.

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