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Thread: Cutting a 21" transom to 16"

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    Default Cutting a 21" transom to 16"

    I have a short shaft motor I want to put on a skiff on a lake

    It's a 16' x 64" with a 21" transom, I think it's a starcraft
    but the data plate is totally rubbed out

    I have a 6HP Short Shaft Suzuki to put on it
    it pushes my 14' Lowe flat bottom just fine, I'm thinking it should push this boat similarly (with the same load)

    This boat is heavier but also longer and wider and with the semi V shouldn't it go at least as well?

    Anyhow is there a downside to cutting down the transom? I figure I can cut it down to the precise height to fit the motor.

    I'm on a pretty small lake so I don't think waves coming over the back would be any problem.

    There's nothing structual, just a flat simple transom.

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    You could put a OB transom jack on it. That way you would not have to modify your transom.

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    I have a like new Fulton lift I would sell for $150 if you are interested. It will handle 15 hp 4 cylce, maybe more.
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    Well if you do cut it trace the curve and cut it, important part save the cut out chunk, that way you can reinstall using some aluminum plate drilled and bolted back into place.
    I did and returned it to a long shaft later!


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