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    Trying to put together a trip next summer for the family (wife, two adult children). I was hoping to do Bristol Bay, but the kids want to get some halibut and saltwater silvers. I want to fly fish for salmon and trout. It seems like someplace on Kodiak may be our best bet. Does anyone have experience with the outfitters there? Any other suggestions? Doesn't need to be fancy, just comfortable. Thanks to all who respond.

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    Not sure about "outfitters" but if you stay at a b&b and rent a car in September you can find great fishing about anywhere. There is at least one guide who knows the road system really well, Dake from Memory Makers, if you spend one day with him it will help you out the rest of the time. Then I would recommend using one of the ATV guides to take a trip to Saltery.
    If you want to fish the "summer" your options are Reds at Pasagshak (fishing the ditch) in late June and Early July, Reds at Saltery (you will need an ATV or float plane), or pinks and chums about everywhere mid July till the end of August. Dolly Varden can be caught in all the streams when the pinks come in. Rainbows are only available on the Buskin and Saltery Rivers.

    Oh, I forgot about the kings on Monashka creek and the Oles and American Rivers from late June till Mid to late July. This is a new enhanced fishery.

    As for the saltwater fishing, I don't know.

    Hope this information helps.


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