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Thread: Wasilla to Willow

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    A buddy and I rode from his house near Church road in Wasilla over Baldy to Hatchers pass road today. The Wasilla side and top were very windblown and not much snow on top. We dropped down a small valley to get to Willow creek and that was when the adventure began!

    The snow went from 6" to 5' in less than 1/2 mile. There was no way we were going to make it back up the hill we had just dropped in to check this valley out, so we headed toward Willow creek.

    Following a small streambed down wasn't too bad, but then it narrowed up a lot on us! The trees were too tight together to boondock away from the creek so we were screwed. We found several spots where the ice was 1" thick and there was 3' of air between the ice and the water. Luckily we only dropped one sled in once. An hour later and we had it out and were headed down again.

    Once things flattened out we were only about 300 yds from Willow creek and the road, but without gravity helping, it was a stuck fest! It took us about 3 hours to go 2 miles overall. We ended up walking ahead to check out a line through the trees then going back to the sleds and making about 100' of progress then doing the same thing over and over. Walking through 4-5' of soft snow isn't much fun.

    We finally made it to the road and ended up going back toward Palmer via the road to my house and had my buddy's wife come pick us up to get my truck.

    Pretty wild trip for just leaving from home and a bummer of a trip to forget the camera!!

    Anyway, the Baldy report is pretty weak, but in the trees on the Willow side there is PLENTY of snow!

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    ...Can sympathize with...and had a similar experience but with 4 wheelers.

    Hey, have you checked out Buff mine area? Was there twice last week since so much fun and close to home/relatively safe. Parked at the Shell station at Wasilla/Palmer Fish Hook and rode from there East toward Buff Mine road area. There are several trails leading up toward Arkose ridge and nice clearings with deep snow. Also, since the ridge is South facing the light/visibility is decent and the areas we explored were not windblown badly.


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