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Thread: Klutina Kings This Weekend?

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    Default Klutina Kings This Weekend?

    Would it be worth the effort to fish kings this coming weekend between the bridge at Grove's on down to the mouth or does one really need to get farther upstream?

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    I will say that of all the Kings I've seen hooked at the campgounds on the Klutina, I've never seen one landed there. That's not saying its not possible. The water is ripping though there, that you have to keep the fish close to the bank or you are in trouble. Once they get out into the current, you are done; unless you have like 75# Spiderwire or something. I've hooked into 3 at the campgound over the years. Two broke off within 20 seconds and the 3rd spooled my entire fly line and backing off my 7wt. Down at the mouth, you'd have better luck and I've actually seen people land a few down there. It can be done.

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    King can be caught in that part of the river. But as other have stated it can be hard to land the king but not impossible. My my budy land a nice 30-35 lbs king on a wt fly poll. To bad he had to let it go.

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    Default It is doable.

    There are seeral places for you to fish for kings just above BOTH bridges, all the ay down to the mouth. You will have to look around, but it is certainly doable. I prefer going to the mouth to fish kiings, and there aer some fun holes down there. It is a 20-30 minute walk and if you hit the right day it can be VERY rewarding. Fishing the mix line of the Copper and Klutina is a good bet too. Take plenty of roe, bug dope, make noise to ward off bears.

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    Definitely doable! Fishing between the bridges is not smart though due to what was previously stated. Going to give it a try myself this weekend! Beats the Russian for sure!

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    Thanks for the information. We are supposed to be doing a 3-day float from Sourdough on the Gulkana, but with the rains, I am guessing the water will be chocolate and high so the Klutina does provide a good alternative!

    Understandable the room needed to land a king. I snagged one in the dorsal this past weekend from the little island by the lower bridge with my 8wt. Needless to say it didn't go well and didn't last long! At least it didn't spool me

    Now, to figure out where some of the holes are nearer the mouth....You could still get to the first island by the mouth, but it looks like where jedi and the boys where a couple weeks ago is pretty much underwater...

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    Default Doable

    Took myself and Flockness many a year to perfect the art of landing Klute Kings. Now their basicly the only Kings we fish for.


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