I've become aware of an inflammatory thread posted in the fishing section (I'm assuming it was in the dipnet section but I'm posting to all just in case) regarding joing SCADA and being a loser.

I am an advocate for amicable user groups and have never disparaged one group or another in any capacity. I would not ridicule commercials, PU's or give such a negative moniker to either for not sharing my same perspective.

I'm not sure about the wording in the thread that got deleted but from the emails I've received regarding it, it seems as if there was an exuberant message about joining SCADA and being a "loser" if one didn't.

Although I believe in club/association participation, I am not and will never judge nor label anyone for not doing so; its a matter of personal choice which is another thing I strongly believe in. I have in the past posted action items that I believe encouraged others to join clubs (Specifically SFW for the recent invasive species efforts at Alexander Creek), and was passionate about being involved, but kept my candor as diplomatic as possible so as not to offend anyone. I've experienced the sensitive nature when I first joined this Forums years ago and after a hiatus, returned with a renewed respect for positive interaction and results-oriented communication.

To those that were offended by the original message, I hope that you will research my previous posts in other threads and discover for yourself that I am a relatively neutral person and do not drop myself to the level of name calling. In previous messages, you will discover that I am a person that likes to focus on resolving issues, not creating them.

Thanks to all that have taken the time to read this, and thanks to my friends that know I wouldn't post such horrible characterization.