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Thread: Lake Creek fly out fishing...

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    Default Lake Creek fly out fishing...

    I found a trip that's fairly inexpensive to fly out to Lake Creek in late July. Can anyone tell me what the fishing might be like during that time? What's the river like?

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    River is low, pinks, chums, silvers and some red fishing thats all to it
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    I just got back from floating from the Chelatna Lake all the way to the mouth, 50+ miles. We went June 16th through the 20th. We hoped to catch a lot of kings, unfortunatley all the kings were at the mouth and not upstream. When we finally ran into the kings, that is where all the river boats and campers were.

    The rainbows and grays were awesome the whole way through. You should run into the kings at Yenlo, camp, home and sunflower creek by that time. Probably mostly all to your self also That is what we were aiming for.

    If you are planning on rafting down, make sure you bring dry bags for all your gear. A buddy and I floated it and it rained 4 out of the 5 days. It made for fast rapids and high water. The "rock garden" section wasn't bad "hang ups" because they were all buried underwater. But, it did make the 2 class VI rapids make us a bit nervous.

    All and all, it is a great place to float. My buddy and I were amatur oarsman and by the end of the float, we perfected MANY rafting skills!!! Just do your research and you will be good to go.

    You would be going at a great time of year, wish we would have waited for the fish to be in for sure.

    Send me a PM if you have any other Q's.

    Good Luck and tight lines!


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