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    Well I went out on my self guided trip yesterday with my son and his wife. The weather was damp and dreary but the water was pretty flat. Was checked by the Trooper as well. He has a pretty fast boat and will be on you quick, he was checking fishing licences. All we ended up catching where four nice yellow eye one small halibut and some other various rockfish. I went out as far as bligh reef and now wished I went a little farther, but the systems that where moving through kept me cautious. The worst part was releasing two big lings I guess I will try again in august.

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    Glad you got to spent time fishing. That Eielson boat worked good I hope. I hope the advise worked for you. Did you try Jacks and Galena bays?

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    The boat worked great. Caught most of my fish around Galena. Wished I vetured out a little farther though. I have another boat reserved later in the summer. I should do better then.


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