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Thread: Looking for a Lake to hike too for Trout and good times

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    Default Looking for a Lake to hike too for Trout and good times

    My two brother in laws and my friend are coming up on the 15th of July and staying until the 24th of July down by Bings. I was thinking maybe of taking a few hours one day and go to one of the small lakes that have trout in them and catch a few for dinner one night.

    Does anyone know of a good one that would allow Bank fishing with maybe a small spinner or something that is easily accessible to catch a few Trout one evening?

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    not enough info, where are you at?
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    He'll be at Bing's, which is on the KP near Soldotna.

    I don't really know of any hike-in fishing right in that area. Only thing I can think of is Ptarmigan Creek/Lake, but that's a bit of a drive from Bing's.

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    I know it's far but my personal favorite hiking trip to fish isn't for trout. It's for pike and that's red shirt lake in the Nancy rec area outside wasilla. It's a 3 mile hike and well worth it you can also rent canoes to take out and fish from. I've come accross some large pike. If you happen to be interested in doing this message and I'll give you some tips to catch'em quick!

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    Fuller lakes, that's a great hike in for grayling. Great views, nice hike, great fishing. Don't know when it's open though, I know it opens in July sometime. Last time I was there I saw a guy fishing in only his underwear.
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