I am thinking of buying one of these for hunting in PWS. Was thinking of an auto loader but haven't seen any in stainless. This browning looks nice and seems very good. Has anyone used or have one they use for hunting. It is tapped for bases and has a four shot clip. It is basically a lever bolt action rifle they say. Talked to two guys who had the older style, just not stainless with the aluminum reciever and pistol grip style stock, compared to long straight style stock. Then I am thinking of putting a ziess conquest 3x9x40 I believe is what it was. Rifle is supposed to be 6lbs 12oz with the laminate stock. The one guy said they have been making these for 20 years. I like it because it seems faster than bolt action and more reliable than an auto, especially on the salt water and all the crappy weather that comes with it out there. Any input would be great. Thanks.