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Thread: Mystery Creek Road??

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    Default Mystery Creek Road??

    It has been many a years since i traveled on this system but wanted to see if anyone has done this lately. It only opens for duck season and the last time i did it was in 1998. During this time we where able to make it all the way to the mudflats and could see the lights of anchorage. Stayed out 1 of 2 cabins you will see in the back area of this trail system. Filled a cooler with grouse and ducks etc. Heard two large moose battling each other late at night. It sounded like a war like no other. The sound of clashing antlers was amazing. To dark to hike into or find them though. But anyhow. Just wondering how this system is now? Has anyone made it back that far? Also what is the current brush system like. When we last went it was over growing the trail. We took a 4x4 toyota back there and lost on mirror to over grown brush trying to swallow the trail.

    Look forward to hearing everyones thoughts on this system. thanks

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    I go back every year and really enjoy it back there. The brush is getting pretty bad, If you're particular about your paint I wouldn't go. If you're going with one vehicle you should have a winch and some basic recovery gear. The puddle past the second airport can get pretty deep sometimes depending on the rain. Stock trucks are fine, that's what Enstar uses, but have a winch or a second rig in case you do get stuck.

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    Enstar had a company out there this spring clearing the the pipeline and some of the road.
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