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Thread: 22007 Can Am Outlander Max XT owners??

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    Default 22007 Can Am Outlander Max XT owners??

    So I have found a 2007 Outlander Max XT 650 with winch and single quad trailer for $6,200. it only has 10 hours and looks like its in great shape what do you guys think? Thanks ahead of time.

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    Mine wasn't a Max, but I did own a 2007 Outlander XT 800. Best four-wheeler I ever owned. Buy with confidence. The Outlander 650 will have the same power, if not more, than most of the current 700's and 750's out there.

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    Make sure you check the frame for cracks and to make sure it isn't bent. Go to the Can-Am forums and do your homework. Do a search for "cracked or bent frame" on those forums. There is an upgrade to the frame that will fix the issue as long as you get to it before the frame is bent. Don't take my word for your own research so you can buy with confidence.

    The Can-Ams are beast!!! I am looking for a used Renegade 800 but they are hard to come by.

    Good luck!!!!
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    Default '08 Can Am 650 Max XT

    I can't answer about the '07s, but I have had my '08 now for 2 years. I absolutely trust mine to take me in to anywhere AND get me back out again. During hunting season, it has hauled myself ( I'm a XXL ) and an entire camp for four in my Pac Rat, over ridges through mud bogs and across rivers, without ever having a problem.
    In the summer, I load it up with gear and food, put on the passenger seat, and take my wife out for days of exploring the wilds. I hunt rabbits all winter out at Jim Creek and plow my driveway ( which is 200+ feet long ). I don't baby it. I have put it through some horrendous trails, and it keeps on going. I do take care of it, though. I give it it's regularly scheduled maintenance and feed it high test ( for a few more pennies, it's worth it to keep the injectors clean, in my opinion ).
    Check it out for any damage, have a mechanic check out the engine and if you decide to buy it, you'll probably be very happy with the purchase for a long time. The price sounds like a very fair deal. Good luck, and get out there

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    I have two Can Am XT Maxs, they're 500s not 650s, but they've been absolutely trouble free though the first 1,000 miles -- I've only had to change the oil. I did have to replace the right front shock on one of them, but that was totally because of me, not the machine. These guys are pricey, and they seem to get more expensive every year -- but well worth it if you can afford them or find a good used one.

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    Mines an 2008 800 Max, only thing I'll trade it for is a 2010 800 Max, I guess I would take a 2011 too.


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