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Thread: First Solo Trip On Tanana

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    Default First Solo Trip On Tanana

    I've been on the Tanana alot but always with a buddy to follow or in the boat. I'm making a 4th July trip up to the Goodpaster River with the wife and dog just to explore. I want to be comfortable with the wife on the Tanana. Anybody have a GPS route I can put on for the Tanana section? I'm just nervous that I'll have to make the wife get out and push ... I'm running a light boat 50Hp with a Jet and tunnel.


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    Default Don't worry so much

    No, not being facetious. It's been a long time since I've been on that part of the Tanana and up the Goodpasture, but as I recall the Tanana was pretty easy. The Goodpasture was a bit tricky.
    If you are not comfortable, I'd wait and run it with somebody heading that way. There will be lots of traffic and the landing will be busy. If they outrun you then wait up for another boat.
    You'll find running upriver is easier than running down, so pay attention on the way up.
    With your rig I would not be afraid one bit. Go have fun. Be relaxed. Do NOT get apprehensive and let the wife sense it or you may ruin a good partner. There are lots worse things in the world than pushing a boat off of a mudbar.

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    This is from a person that has made hundreds,( feels like a thousand, lol) of trips on the river.

    I like to launch at Clearwater Lake, just made a trip and came back yesterday, good water all around.

    It's about the same distance from the lake to the river, VS, the bridge, just closer for me.

    Just go out to the main part of the lake and shoot for the left and you will see the outlet. A Prop will make it right now, however if you get to the camping spot right before the Tanana you might want to take the right hand slough, lol, if runing a jet your good to go on both.

    If you go down from the lake, you need to watch for the bluff on your left, and don't take the first thing that you see to the right, its the secound one. The Goodpaster is clear water right at the mouth, if you go up some slough that is muddy, you are in the wrong spot.

    Stay away from the sweepers in case of motor problems, other than that piece of cake.

    Once you get on the Goodie, just follow the "V's" , watch out for the middle parts on the lower river, it's usualy next to one bank or the other.

    If the wife has to get out, take a pic. Thats the way my wife learned. We had a prop at the time.


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