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    Default Single shot Mini-14

    Looking for a little help.

    I just acquired a Mini 14 that will not shoot semi auto. I was not aware of a selector switch on these. Is there one? or is this weapon malfunctioning? If it is malfunctioning where would I start to look to rectify the problem.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default First thing first

    I would clean her up real good, with special attention to the gas ports, and magazine(s) as per Owners Manual. Then try again using some(several different) factory production FMJ. If still unlucky, the very next thing I would do is get another(or a couple) Ruger-factory magazines.
    Most of the time these two fixes should correct the problem. If not, then a gunsmith should get involved.
    These are strong and reliable actions and should function well without a lot of effort.

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    Default Action does not cycle

    The action does not cycle. When fired it moves back about 1/2", but not all the way back. So maybe the gas port thing is the answer. Where are the gas ports?

    Thanks a ton.

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    I made a post last night on this post guess this is in multiple places like others have done
    is it marked B.A.O. bolt action only,
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    Usually this happens when someone has diassembled the gas block and lost the "gas port bushing". This is easily lost as it is a small part. Carefully remove the 4 hex screws on the gas block and remove the upper and lower halves from the barrel. Then look to see if there is a small, Approx 1/8" dia. hollow bushing inserted into the lower half in the hole that leads to the "gas pipe" or what we would call the piston. This will stick up from the lower half and fit into the countersunk hole in the bottom of the barrel. If this is missing, then the piston will not be retained in the lower half and the gas block will be misaligned, most likely. That will cause all manner of short stroke malfunctions. If you are near Fairbanks, PM me and I have the parts you will need on hand. If you reassemble the gas block, tighten the screws carefully and evenly. There should be a gap between the upper and lower halves of the block when you are done.
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