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Thread: Fly out fishing trip

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    Default Fly out fishing trip

    I posted this on the fly-fishing forum and have recieved zero help there....

    I'm looking for a good outfit to fly out across the inlet from Anchorage for a day trip. My brother is flying up from Oregon and I want to take him for a good day of fishing, away from the crowds here locally. It'll be his first experience in Alaska and my first time flying out. We just want to get after Reds and Silvers and rainbows too if we have the chance.

    The time period will be July 21st or the 22nd. We're looking for something inexpensive as things are a bit tight but we can handle a few hundred bucks. This would also be an unguided trip.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Spernak flys over to Beluga about 7 times a day but not sure on the Silver run timing for the Chuit. Kings are closed there now and I have fished Silvers in Aug but not July. Hope it helps.


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